We reserve the right to make changes to these policies.

The privacy and security is taken very seriously on all of our servers. None of the services we maintain will retain any private, sensitive, or identifiable data on it's users. Encryption is available and used where ever is possible. We accept incomming IPv6 connections and offer SSL/TLS, aswell as a hidden service onion address for Tor users, on all of our services.

We like to remain as transparent possible, so the source code and configurations for all of our services can be found on our GitHub. All commits are signed using our GPG key, which you can reference our KeyBase account to verify.

This website is served on an nginx daemon with secure headers and secure socket layers.

The network will automatically throttle connections from a single host to a maximum of 2 connections at once, and will issue a temporary ban when connecting more then 3 times in a certain time frame. Users can apply for a session limit increase in the #help channel.

The network operators do not deal with channel bans. If you were banned from a channel, and believe that you should be unbanned, you are going to have to talk to the channel operators, preferably the one who banned you. Channel bans do not expire and are up to the channel operators to remove them.

You are allowed to request a network ban appeal by sending an appeal request to banned@supernets.org. Do not contact SuperNETs in regards to ban appeals through any other email address or means of communications or it will be ignored. It is entirely up to the network operators if they want to accept your ban appeal or disregard it. If your ban appeal is ignored to denied, any future requests will be ignored as the descion has been made final. Bans executed by our dnsbl can not be appealed by SuperNETs, but information on who to contact will be included for you in the ban reason.

Users found evading network bans by use of proxies or different hosts will be banned immediately. Ban evasion of channel bans are handled by the channel operators.

All Tor exit nodes are blacklisted by the DNSbl provided by dan.me.uk and we only allow Tor connections from those using the hidden service address.

Due to the anonymous nature of Tor it is often ripe for abuse, what with spam emanating, ban evasions, etc. Our standard mitigation counter-measure, if the abuse is persistent, is the temporarily block incomming Tor connections. Users who can maintain their connection will not be affected, however a new connection will be refused.

It is possible for a user to be exempt from being banned or having their connection killed during abuse. This is done through the use of SSL client certificates and matching fingerprints to users on the exempt list. Only selected users whom are well-known and trusted will be added to the exempt list.

The IRC network is collection of servers (leafs) all linked to a main server (hub). This balances the load on the network and keeps things running smooth, especially having servers located in different regions around the world. It also helps in the event of a DDOS attack by making the overall network able to withstand an attack better based on the amount of links.

We allow users to donate a shell on their server(s) in order to have a link placed on it, but only trusted users will be accepted. All link shells do not require sudo privledges and will only be used to host an IRCd link for the network. Ports 6660-6669, 7000, 6697, 9999, & 6900 are required to be open for running a link.

The only thing we ask of is that you do not modify the links IRCd configuration for any reason, alert us before the box is about to expire or go down, aswell as keeping us informed of any security breaches that may have occured on the server.

You can contact us if you are interested in supporting the network with a link.

The network is and always will be SuperNETs but we use different domains pointed to the services we run as an alternate DNS gateway. For example, a domain pointed at our XMPP service can be used so people can register under that domain and chat from it.

We allow users to donate a subdomain DNS record for our services. All that is required is a CNAME record for a (sub)domain to be pointed at the main address for one of our services.

The only thing we ask of is that you do not modify the DNS record and that you alert us before the domain is about to expire.

You can contact us if you are interested in supporting the network with an alternate DNS.

We offer a free bouncer service using the ZNC software, but the bouncer can only be connected to SuperNETs, not other networks.

The usage of this service is private and will only be given to those with trust and respect on the network. A spot on the bouncer can be requested in the #help channel.

We offer an XMPP service using the Prosody software. Accounts registered will expire if they are not logged in to for 90 days. No offline messages are stored with our service, and account vcards / unnecessary information has been disabled.