Channel Bans

Bans made in a channel are controlled only by the channels operators. If you have been banned from a channel and would like to be un-banned, you will have to contact one of the channels operators via private message.

The network operators do not interfere with channel bans.

Network Bans

Bans made on a network-wide level are only ever done to mitigate spam.

The network uses a DNSBL & RBL system in an effort to mitigate spam from known blacklisted hosts. We use the DroneBL, EFNetRBL, & TorBL lists actively. Matching hosts on any of these lists will be automatically banned from the network upon connection.

All bans made by a network operator are permanent.

Ban Evasion

We are aware that this is IRC and people will try to evade bans by changing their host. By all means, go ahead and try. You may carry on and chat, but there is nothing stoppping an operator from placing another ban on your host again if they notice.


All Tor exit nodes are blacklisted by the DNSbl provided by and we only allow Tor connections from those using the hidden service address.

Tor is often ripe for abuse as it is easy to ban evade. There may be times where all Tor connections may be banned from a certain channel or new connections are temporarily disabled.

Ban Exemptions

There are times where your host may be on the same host as user who has been banned, making the ban affect you by accident.

This most commonly occurs with people using a web client such as Mibbit or KiwiIRC, people using a free shell service like xShellz, and people connecting via Tor.


Channel exemptions can be done through use of the +e mode. Exemptions include host based, nickserv account based, & ssl certfp based.

You can request a channel ban exemption by asking one of the channels operators.


If your host was added to the DNSBL/RBL lists by accident you may request a ban exemption.

These exemptions are given out scarcely and only to known trusted users. You may contact us if you feel you qualify for a ban exemption.